What Is Business Made Simple Daily?
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Business Made Simple Daily course contains the needed information you didn’t learn from school. What you’ll discover from it can make a huge difference in your business or career. 

How can it help your job? Here’s what you need to know first: 

H&R Block, a tax preparation company, commissioned 2,000 American adults on a survey. They’ve found out that an average adult only uses around 37% of information they learnt in university. Those who confessed they haven’t used most of what they learnt since graduating are 84%. 

This data proves that getting a degree doesn't guarantee that you will have the needed skills to excel in the real world. It is unfair because you spent thousands of dollars for a degree only to discover that the majority of what you learnt isn't valuable for a job. 

It results in a knowledge gap, and you have three choices to fill this void:

What Is Business Made Simple Daily?

Getting an MBA degree and doing trial-and-error at your job is costly in time and money. The worst part is that you may not even learn the necessary skills.

But with Business Made Simple Daily, you will learn the practical info you need in at least 60 days in less than $300.

Here is what you need to learn about Business Made Simple Daily:

Donald Miller Created This Course

Donald Miller, a reputable business coach, writer and entrepreneur is the Business Made Simple University CEO. It is a platform with courses designed to help people learn the practical skills they won't learn in university. Among these courses is the Business Made Simple Daily. 

In this course your instructor will be Donald Miller himself. Donald is a leader in his field and he will provide useful information for you to take into your businesses. He has helped over 3,000 businesses communicate clear messages to their audience.

The Business Made Simple Daily Video Modules Are Supplements to the Business Made Simple Book Entries

If you watch the course videos and read the book, you'll have what it takes to improve your business or career in just 60 days. What you'll learn from there are the tips on how you can succeed in the following areas:


The course aims to teach you how you should see yourself, respond to feedback, and have the right mindset.


It will teach you what it takes to become an effective leader, teaching things like: knowing the characteristics of a leader and the right ways to write a mission statement.


The module about productivity trains you on how to make more in less time. It includes making excellent decisions and maximizing your time.

Business Strategy

This module teaches how you can better understand your business and solve the common issues in sales, proposals, marketing, and more.


This course trains how to create a story worth listening to by communicating a clear message.


In this part, you'll learn more about marketing. You’ll be trained on many aspects of marketing, especially on understanding the sales funnel, how to write a catchy one-liner and collecting email addresses.


Conveying a clear message to your target market is essential. Communication is why marketers create campaigns, which are the tools you use to make your audience listen to you. 

Learn how to eliminate the barriers that cloud your messages. The course teaches ways to avoid customer confusion.


This course trains you to qualify the leads, create an excellent proposal, close the sale, and more.


The course teaches what the two types of negotiation are, how to make an offer, and how to control emotions when negotiating.


Managing a business or a team requires you to have clear priorities and be more than just a cheerleader. This course trains you on how to be a leader.


In this part, you'll learn how to handle some workplace situations, including holding a launch meeting and speed checks, celebrating your team's victory, and more.

You Can Get This Course For Free

You will enjoy the benefits of this course if you buy the book "Business Made Simple: 60 Days to Master Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Execution, Management, Personal, Productivity, and More." You'll also get the Business Made Simple Daily for free. 

What you have to do is send the receipt to book@businessmadesimple.com and access the course. 

Read an entry from the book and watch the Business Made Simple Daily's corresponding video. Implement what you learn into your work-place and see how much it can help your career as a professional or an entrepreneur.

After finishing the book and the course, you'll see that you don't have to take an MBA degree or resort to trial and error to improve your business or career. Business Made Simple has everything you need to learn to have what it takes to earn a higher profit or deserve a promotion. 

You can benefit a lot more if you can find someone to coach you. Contact James Hannan, owner of Results and Co and a StoryBrand Guide in Australia, for more info.



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