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Storybrand Website Examples – Online Course Websites

Storybrand Website Examples – Online Course Websites

This time, we’ll look at a website that sells online courses. It is built using the StoryBrand Framework. I will point out some of the elements that make this site successful.

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So you have finally completed your BrandScript, your compelling, clear, one-page Brand Story.

Now What?

You need to transpose that message to your website (and other marketing channels).

This is where many people get stuck. Don’t fret; you are not alone! Let’s look at a great example and some of the elements that make this a
great website.

Website Example #1 :  WP Academy

StoryBrand Guide | StoryBrand Websites

There’s a lot to love on this website, even before you start to scroll. It passes the Grunt Test with flying colours.

There is no ambiguity; they haven’t tried to be overly creative – clarity trumps cleverness every time!

Instantly, the website visitor knows that this brand offers online courses for people that want to learn WordPress. It is important to state what you do, CLEARLY!

Which example best describes your website header?

Jim’s Bespoke technology engineering and calibration services


Jim’s PC repairs – You break it, we fix it… FAST!

My Tip: Clarity: Conversions, be clear, not clever. If the website visitor knows what you do and how you can help them, they are far more likely to read the rest of your website, which will ultimately result in a sale!

Beneath the main headline, the subheader captures two benefits and a very compelling statement of success: Build the website of your dreams. It is essential to include a statement above the fold that shows how you can make their life better – a vision of success. WPacademy has nailed it here:

Easy Bite-Sized Videos • Learn at Your Own Pace • Build the Website of Your Dreams

The call to action is clear, unambiguous and stands out (the orange buttons). It is repeated twice above the fold.

Imagery: notice that the image paints a picture of success and confidence. It doesn’t distract from the headline or Direct CTA.

Authority: Notice the simple line of logos across the page, recognised brands. This demonstrates authority and credibility without having to play the hero. Perhaps they have been a little cheeky here, I am assuming that these brands are taught as part of the course, but to the layperson, it may look as though these brands endorse the program in some way – either way, it works well!

Let’s look at the following section:

StoryBrand Guide | StoryBrand Websites

Immediately below the fold, once the visitor starts to scroll, we are presented with a testimonial which is a statement of social proof. Your website visitor wants to know (even if it’s just subconsciously), can you deliver on your promise? A testimony is an excellent way to demonstrate social proof
and build trust.

Underneath that, there are three benefits that point to success. Great copy, simple language. Notice the icons draw your eye across the page. The layout is logical.

The Direct CTA “Get Lifetime Access” is repeated again.

Don’t be afraid of repetition; people scan websites, they don’t read them. If you don’t repeat your CTA, you are likely losing sales!

There are plenty of other StoryBrand and non-StoryBrand elements on the site that also work well.

Website Example #2 :  Taking Cara Bies

The Taking Cara Bies website is well designed with very little copy. It demonstrates empathy and authority very well. It’s definitely worth checking out.

image StoryBrand Guide | StoryBrand Websites

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