Business Made Simple University is the latest offering from Donald Miller and the StoryBrand Team.

According to Donald Miller, Business Made Simple University has everything you need to develop yourself and your team all in one simple online learning platform….. And for a fraction of the cost of other development tools.

It is critical to invest in your people, but it can be expensive and time consuming (travel/logistics) to keep developing your teams. Don and the StoryBrand team have set out to solve this problem by creating amazingly high quality content to help organizations and their people thrive.

Donald Miller has also announced that they will be continually adding courses to the platform.

What is the Business Made Simple University?

Business Made Simple University is an online learning platform. Currently the online training platform has courses in the following areas:

  1. Leadership: Mission Statement Made Simple

  2. Marketing: Marketing Made Simple

  3. Messaging: StoryBrand Messaging Framework

  4. Emotional IQ: Enneagram Made Simple

Some of the basic features include:

It even includes the StoryBrand Online Course (StoryBrand Messaging Framework) AND Marketing Made Simple…. which gives you a clear road map to implement the StoryBrand Framework.

Before BMSU, these courses were over $1000 EACH! Now you can access ALL of the courses for only $275 per user per annum…. This platform is insane value!

NOTE: I do not receive any commission or incentives for this opinion.

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