About The Brand

Royal Auto Finishes

Royal Auto Finishes offers professional car detailing services, ceramic coating, paint restoration and window tinting in the Austin Texas area. They specialise in luxury car detailing services. 

Their Challenge

Royal Auto Services were needing to get their messaging clear and redesign their website to look more professional for their ideal clientele. 


  • Storybrand Brandscript and Messaging Guide
  • Wireframe
  • Website Redesign
  • Ebook written and designed
  • SEO


  • They were able to get clearer on their brand message and target market. 
  • Professional website to target their luxury car clients. 

See Their Website


“We needed to get our brand message clear and have a website that looked professional to target our ideal clientele. James was amazing at guiding us through this process and we love our new website. ”

Yev and Emily – Royal Auto Finishes

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