About The Brand

Lay2 Real

Lay2 Real Estate is a Real Estate Agent Bayswater, Western Australia.
They Use the latest technology where buyers register on their app to make an offer with full transparency.
Buyers can see all other offers in real-time encouraging them to make a higher offer if they want to stay in the running.


Their Challenge

Lay2 Real Estate needed to create clear brand message and a wireframe using the Storybrand Framework. 


  • Storybrand Brandscript and Messaging Guide.
  • Wireframe of words using the Storybrand  Framework.


  • Clear Brand message and strategy created.
  • Wireframe created which shares their brand message in a clear and compelling way. 

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“Doing the Storybrand Brandscript with James and Naomi really helped us get our brand messaging clear. It was a great process and we highly recommend that every business goes through this process and use James and Naomi to guide them. ”

Steve – Lay2 Real Estate

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