What Is Company Branding

Company Branding

What is company branding? Why is it important? How can you make sure your company has a good brand? Let’s discuss these questions.

But first, a brand isn’t just the logo, service, or product. The brand speaks for the company. It brings people in, leaves an impression, and tells your mission. This is why it is crucial for businesses to get company branding right.

What is a company brand?

To begin with, a company brand is the combination of a logo and mission statement that has a theme that is consistent across the entire company. The brand sets them apart from its competition.

Let’s think of one of the most recognisable brands: Mcdonald’s. 

Logo: The golden arches. 

Theme: The red and black uniforms and restaurants.

Mission statement: Their catchphrase ‘I’m lovin’ it.’ 

A company brand sticks in your customer’s minds; when they’re driving around and see two giant, golden arches, they know exactly what to expect: cheap, hot food, coffee, soft drinks, and if they’re lucky, soft serves and frozen coke. 

A company brand is the skeleton of your company that you build everything from.

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Why is a brand important for my company?

Now that we know what a brand is, discover why it is vital for you to have a unique company brand.

Let’s continue with fast food: Mcdonalds vs Hungry Jacks. What sets them apart?

Mcdonald’s has giant, golden arches, the phrase ‘I’m lovin’ it’, and red and black uniforms. Hungry Jacks with their burger logo, saying: ‘The burgers are better,’ and black uniforms with stripes.

Their phrases tell customers what to expect and influence what they should buy! Mcdonalds: you will love it all! Hungry Jacks: get our burgers. You won’t regret it. 

They keep their company brand consistent across each store, social media and marketing. Marketing is tactical, whereas branding is strategic. 

It establishes your objectives, unites your teams under one goal, and defines your company’s promise. Combined, it allows you to create marketing plans that let your company be recognised everywhere.

So, a company brand sets you apart from the competition, allows for customer recognition and influences their decisions, and allows for easier and more consistent marketing. Why wouldn’t you put the thought and time into your company brand?

How do I create a company brand?

Now that we have established why you should have a company brand let’s learn how to create a company brand!

Firstly, you need to ask yourself a few questions: who are your customers? What theme and colours do you want to use? What is your company’s mission statement?

  1. Identify your customers.

Not everyone will be your customers or clients, so you need to make sure to create a brand that will easily catch the eye of your target market. You need to narrow your target audience to create an appropriate brand that speaks to them.

  1. Colours and themes

Have you noticed how many social media sites have blue logos? Not only because the blue light hinders sleep; blue represents trust, stability and confidence. Red is power and strength (e.g. Coke), and many garden brands are green because it’s the colour of peace and nature!

Colours also differ depending on gender; for example, if your main audience is men, you would tend to use more black, gold, blue, and brown – more ‘masculine’ colours. For women, you would use reds, pinks, pastels, lighter green, and white – colours socially deemed ‘feminine’.

  1. Mission statement

Like my example of Hungry Jacks and Mcdonald’s, you need to develop a mission statement for your company. Your audience doesn’t need to know it, but your staff should have memorised it. If you can come up with something short and simple for customers, that’s better. They should know what to expect when working with you.

And secondly, you need to understand what you sell – you might sell skincare, but do you aim to make your audience younger? Or make them more confident? Or transform them for those special occasions? 

When you set the values, culture, and aims, you set your company up with a successful brand.


In conclusion, it is vital to have a company brand because it allows your customers to recognise you amongst a sea of competition. Your customers know they can trust your brand for a certain thing, and they can come to you with an expectation what they order is what they get. 

And to achieve all this, you must stay consistent, study your audience, research what works and what doesn’t, and create a mission statement that your whole company can come under.

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