What is a StoryBrand Guide?

What is a StoryBrand Guide?

written by Team Results

StoryBrand Guide – Your Business Success Guide

We all basically know what a guide is in life. It can be a person, a product, a book or something that leads us to a destination. StoryBrand, a company that helps businesses clarify their messages, recognises this principle and has a StoryBrand Guide that can assist companies in clarifying their message so that customers actually listen.

What Is a StoryBrand Guide?

Certified by StoryBrand, they are a guide for a business to help that business clarify their marketing using the StoryBrand framework. A StoryBrand guide can help your business in the following ways;

  1. BrandScripts; Clarify your brand message, as Donald outlines in the book. In this step, I will guide you through the 7 story messages to ensure you have the perfect message for your brand. A BrandScript can be developed for for products, customer personas, business divisions... even keynote presentations can have more impact if you start with a clear and compelling BrandScript.
  2. Wire Frame; before building/modifying your website. It is imperative that we map it out. Here, we carefully craft your message to ensure it connects with the greatest number of potential customers. We also map out your website structure and button placement to optimize lead generation and conversion. Most organisations skip this step.... however, this is a costly mistake.
  3. Website build; Once you have your website mapped out (wire frame), you can give it to your current web designer or have us build it for you.
  4. Email nurturing sequences; Email is still one of the best converting and highest ROI forms of marketing available today. In this step, we will write a sequence of emails (to be automated) to build trust/relationships to ultimately nurture your lead to the point of purchase.

Do You Need a StoryBrand Guide?

A lot of businesses may not recognise they need help. Small business owners in particular are usually too hands on to be able to sit back and review their business's marketing strategies to get more sales. And therein lies the problem.

A lack of sales spells the death for a business. Having an effective marketing strategy sounds good but when does the owner get the time? Throw in family commitments and there is no time at all.

Lead generation to fuel a marketing plan is just one problem most owners face. But do they have the expertise to actually design a plan. Since buying the business they've simply just carried on doing what has been done in the past. But if this falters, then they'll need assistance.

Where can they get help? Do they hire a new full time staff member to focus on this part of the business or employ a virtual assistant. More time and money and there's still no guarantee they've got it right.  A StoryBrand Guide can save the business owner both time and money over hiring a full time staff member.

Doesn't Every Marketing Consultant Do This?

Not all marketing guides are the same. Most can create a plan, introduce an owner to strategies which sound impressive but are generally confusing and end up costing a whole lot of money the company doesn't have.

The basic flaw with non-certified StoryBrand Guides is this. They don't review a business's basic message to the public and therefore they fail to fix the first real issue the company is facing; a confusing marketing message that is driving the potential customer away in droves. StoryBrand Guides know how to clarify a business's message, create a brand story and attract customers.

Is a StoryBrand Guide Only For Big Companies?

No. The guidance is not about how much money a company spends but more about the value the guide provides to the business owner by way of saving time and providing skills that will lead to the business making more money.

A StoryBrand Guide resonates with his or her clients. They understand their problems and can clearly empathise with the business owner having either walked in their shoes or can demonstrate they've assisted companies with similar issues.

What a StoryBrand Guide Needs

Like in cooking, there is a recipe for success in business. You need all the right ingredients to get the best results. Each of the ingredients needs to be measured. If you were baking a cake, too little milk or butter would make the cake dry. Use plain flour instead of self-raising flour and the cake doesn't rise. 

In business a lack of empathy and authority in a guide would also be disastrous. A business' profits may not rise.

Empathy and Authority

As mentioned above your guide needs to have either walked in your shoes before or can demonstrate they've help people just like you. You need to get the right feeling; a connection. People do business with people.

Secondly you must feel confident that your consultant can clearly do the job that you are employing him or her for. Check out a StoryBrand Guides website and see if they have any testimonials from clients. Has the guide been written up in the press or trade journals for helping people just like you.

Infusionsoft, a software company, has an authority statement on their website that reads:

20,000 people thrive with Infusionsoft

Immediately you know there a lot of people doing well with Infusionsoft. That's authority.

But authority shouldn't be overdone. Too much authority makes a consultant appear arrogant. The focus tends to shift to them and not their customers. It would appear that they are the hero and they are here to save you. If you get that feeling, run. That service provider doesn't have your best interests at heart.

What Can a StoryBrand Guide Offer?

A plan. Clearly understanding a business owner's needs and putting a strategy into an actionable plan differentiates what marketing consultants often don't do.

At StoryBrand it was identified that people like written plans. It gives them confidence moving forward because it eliminates confusion and provides clarity for all parties. StoryBrand Guides offer two types of plans.

Process Plan

This plan clearly defines the steps a customer needs to do in order to move to the next level.

Agreement Plan

This is shown by the guide as a list of things they'll do for the business owner. This might include that research will be conducted, customers will be surveyed, there will be both online and offline marketing options, the plan will be presented by a certain date and their maybe periodic follow up or consulting calls during the marketing process.

These items form a checklist of sorts that can be ticked off by the customer keeping the guide accountable.


Business owners are strapped for time, money and when it comes to market, expertise. They can decide to carry on the way things have always be done or bring in an expert to help accelerate their business.

Getting an outside consultant is minefield to navigate. There are marketing consultants and there are guides.

A marketing consultant is an expert (hopefully) in providing a marketing solution using tools, advertising and other marketing strategies to achieve the desired result. But in some ways they provide a band aid solution to a bigger problem.

A StoryBrand Guide (schedule a call) on the other hand looks at a company’s message, offers a solution to clarify that message further so that visitors to the company's website are not confused, don't waste energy in trying to decipher what the business does and stick around longer.

With this in place the guide can then offer a plan to the business owner addressing his or her problem and how they can solve the issue having clearly demonstrated they have the expertise to carry out the task.

Check out some of our StoryBrand Marketing services here and take the first step to Marketing Clarity. 

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