What Is A StoryBrand Buyer Persona
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Wondering what is a buyer persona? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Most business owners don’t actually know and I am pretty sure neither do many network marketers. One of the most important things we do at Results and Co and the Rise Social Media when creating a StoryBrand BrandScript is we create a StoryBrand Buyer Persona with all of our clients.


I would say, in my own opinion, not taking the time to find out what is a buyer persona or customer persona has cost small business owners more than they could count.


There’s a reason why you’re funnel isn’t filling up and your sales are not growing.


It’s cost them in:


   Lost leads  Marketing and advertising is all over the place because you don’t know what your client is looking for, their pain points or even where they hang out.

   Lost sales: Because when you don’t know what is a buyer persona, you don’t know how to craft your scripts, or your offers

   Emotional energy: You spend all this time on your business and all this money only to find it never grows the way you want it to and you’re left wondering why


Let’s have a look at what is a StoryBrand buyer persona.


First you need to understand that your buyer persona is NOT REAL, it’s a fictional character that you’ve made up to help you better understand your client and improve not only your marketing and advertising, but your customer service as well.


So let’s start there.

1. It’s a fictional character designed to help you and your team better understand your client

Have you ever read an article, sales letter or email and thought “Wow how did they know that’s what I am experiencing and how I am feeling”? Those beautifully crafted messages have been designed from using a Customer Persona.


When you first start out writing your persona, it will be based primarily on “gut instinct” and “personal experience”. I want you to know that that is ok and a good place to begin.


As you start to understand your customer more, you will want to pick up the phone and get to the know them a little more.


There’s nothing like just calling your customer and getting to know them and as you talk to them, make sure you have a pen and paper ready because they will start giving you everything you need to know for your next sales piece.

2. You may have more than one.

You will probably start off with your main customer, however if your company has more than one product, you will make a StoryBrand buyer persona up for each of your products.


Some products may be for men and others for women, you may have one for a child and another for an adult.

3. It’s a look into the life of your customer.

Your StoryBrand buyer persona or customer persona is a “best guess”, “educated guess” about your customer and their life. Imagine knowing things like:


▪   Their age

▪   Their sex

▪   Their education

▪   Their likes and dislikes

▪   Their struggles

▪   Their values

▪   Their goals

▪   Their objections

▪   Where they hang out

▪   Who their hero are

▪   How they think about themselves


Can you see how when you take the time to know this information everything you do for your marketing and advertising changes.


You now know where to advertise, what words to use in your marketing, how to speak to them.


Basically it’s this information that help you generate more leads, make more sales and make more money.


We’ve created a gift for you, something to help you answer the question better what is a buyer persona. It’s a StoryBrand Buyer Persona Template. You can download it here


It’s simple to use and there’s even a short video on that page that will help you understand how to use it.


Now that you understand what is a buyer persona it’s time to download the StoryBrand Buyer Persona Template and craft your own buyer persona



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