What is the 7 Part StoryBrand Framewok formula
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Getting your website, social media and online marketing correct is a struggle for most business owners. You look for solutions and find it hard to get what you need and know what to do. My name is James Hannan, A StoryBrand Guide Australia, USA, New Zealand, Canada and UK. Let’s talk about the 7 Part framework of StoryBrand You want to be a more confident online marketer and start making sales through your website. However you’re stuck on what to do, your social media management isn’t working and you’re getting no leads from your website. 

You’re seeing your competition grow and wondering what they’re doing differently to you. 

You’ve heard about the 7 Part StoryBrand Framework formula and wondering will it help you fix your marketing?

Most businesses fail online because they don’t realise there is a formula used by top marketers that takes the customer on a journey to purchase. This journey starts with a problem that only you the business owner can fix. 

"You want to understand there is a sequence of events that must happen to help the customer make a buying decision. The 7 Part StoryBrand Framework is that formula."


The 7 Part StoryBrand Framework gives you clear steps that must happen on your website and the theme of your marketing to help your client make a buying decision. You understand that in business your role is to fix the problem of your client. The mistake happens when businesses try and fix the problem too soon.

Think of your customer this way, your customer is the partner in life you have been looking for and waiting for. You have been dreaming about someone like them for a very long time and now you have finally found them. They are precious to you and you don’t want to stuff it up.

This is where the mistake happens. Rather than courting your customer, you go straight for the juggler. You ask for the sale, you do this before you know anything about them and of course, your customer leaves and goes to your competition not because you scared them off but you removed the one thing the customer needs more than anything else…

“To be understood”.

When you give the answer before allowing the customer to give you the challenges they face and the problems they battle you miss the opportunity for the relationship to grow and for them feel like you truly know them. The 7 Part StoryBrand Framework will help you get this right.

“Your job is to understand your client and then convey that you understand them on your website, your emails and your social media.”


Let’s have a look at how the framework looks:

The Storybrand Framework has been used for centuries by writers/play-writes to grab audiences attention and compel them to keep reading/watching.  You can always tell when someone is a good writer, they keep your attention and the main reason this happens is they follow a framework similar to what StoryBrand has laid out. 


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