StoryBrand Online Course Review: Is it worth the investment?

StoryBrand Online Course – Review - Is it worth the investment?

Don’t Buy The StoryBrand Online Course Until You’ve Fully Read This Review.

Most people in business are so wrapped up in their products or services, they are unable to clearly talk to their customers in a language that their customers understand. Their messaging is confusing thereby causing the customer to expend a lot of energy trying to figure out what’s on offer.

Most potential customers, therefore, leave a site confused and don’t buy. And that’s a waste of marketing dollars.

Through the StoryBrand Online Course business owners are given a framework to clearly design their own brand script so customers will listen, revolutionise their marketing and grow their business.

Who Is The StoryBrand Online Course For?

Having come from a strong business and marketing background, I thought I knew what my customers wanted.

I promoted my services in a language I thought was easy to understand. I threw in a lot of technical jargon that I thought made me sound smart and intelligent, but all I was doing was confusing my customers.

I wrote flashy, long-winded, even flowery statements trying to be impressive in my brand script. I was wrong!

I discovered after doing the StoryBrand Online Course that simple is best.

And guess what?

My business skyrocketed.

For business owners who want to double, triple, even quadruple their revenue, the StoryBrand Online Course is the vehicle to grow your business.

The StoryBrand Online Course

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What’s Included?

You get 9 modules of videos and worksheets that help you design your own brand script at your own pace. Being online also means that you can return to individual modules as needed.

You’ll learn the secret of tapping into a customer’s brain that compels them to take action because you’ll understand the power of story and how to use it.

You’ll see how the world’s top brands have used this formula of brand script successfully in advertising for years.

You’ll create a compelling message that you can use on your website, email marketing and even in elevator pitches.

Specifically, you’ll get:

  • 21 mind changing videos that’ll help you design a powerful BrandScript that will explode your business

  • 80 page downloadable workbook that is a step by step guide to clarifying your message and reaching your right customers

  • Exclusive additional videos and resources that will further cement that you’re on the right track

What You’ll Learn

You’ll learn how to create an offer so strong that customers can’t refuse it. You’ll learn the power of story and how to use it. You’ll create a compelling message that will help you articulate your unique value proposition and talk to your customers in a language they understand – their identity, aspirations and dreams.

You’ll create a BrandScript using the 7 elements of the story. Here is the overview of these 7 elements and let’s use Results and Co as an example.

  • Character
  • Problem
  • Guide
  • Plan
  • Call to action
  • Success
  • Failure

CHARACTER: The character is the protagonist (main character) of the story. A common business mistake is that they place their brand as the main character of the story, which should actually be customers.

For Results and Co, the main character is the customers who own small to medium-sized businesses.

PROBLEM: Without the problem, there will be no story. The problem serves as the hook that makes a story interesting. Same goes with your customers. They also have a problem that they need to solve.

Most Results and Co customers have problems in their business, and one of them is that they don’t know how they can market their brand, products and services effectively, and without losing a lot of money.

GUIDE: The guide is the sidekick, mentor, or anybody whose main role is to help the main character reach the happy ending and resolve the problem. This is the role that you take as a business owner or marketer. You will guide and help the main character (your customers) solve their problems and reach their goals.

In our example, Results and Co plays the role of the guide.

PLAN: The plan consists of 3 to 4 steps that the guide gives to the main character to help get rid of their doubts and fears on taking an action.

Results and Co provides a plan in three easy steps:

  1. Schedule a call

  2. Create a plan

  3. Grow your business

CALL TO ACTION: The call to action is the big step that the main character has to take to get what he or she wants. This big step will cause the main character to sacrifice something to get what he or she wants. For customers, this sacrifice can be in the form of time, effort, or money.

In the Results and Co website, you will have to schedule a call and sacrifice some of your time to discuss the best marketing for your brand.

SUCCESS: In a story, it may end in one of two ways, either with success or failure. If the customers achieve what they want and become their aspirational identity, the story ends in success.

By taking the necessary steps, the Results and Co customers will achieve their goals, such as better sales and more social media engagements.

FAILURE: A story may also end in failure or the main character not getting what he or she wants. It is also known as tragedy. For customers, failure happens if they fail to take action, although you can write the failure statement in a positive light.

For example, Results and Co uses the failure statement as a situation that the customers can avoid if they take the necessary actions.

To learn more about these 7 elements of the StoryBrand framework, read the StoryBrand by Donald Miller article.

How Much Does The StoryBrand Course Cost?

Admittedly, I viewed this course as an expense until I did it, clarified my message which spoke to my customers in a non-confusing but compelling way, and grew my business beyond my wildest imagination. This course is now part of the Business Made Simple University and I highly recommend the annual subscription.

The core concept of storytelling which has been used thousands of times in motion pictures changed my business.

When I changed my thinking that this course was ‘another expense’ to being an investment, I jumped in. If you want to double, triple and even quadruple your business revenue, check out the StoryBrand Online Course.

What Business Leaders Are Saying About The StoryBrand Online Course

“If you can clarify your message to the point where there’s that instant understanding and benefit that causes people to buy, you’re never going to consider what the cost was”

– Brian Clark, CEO and Founder of Copy Blogger

“After going through StoryBrand, I clarified my message and applied it to all my marketing material. As a result, I launched a best-selling book, grew the revenue of my online business by over 50% in three months, and doubled the size of my email list.”

– Jeff Goins, Bestselling Author

“When you tell a story, people lean forward. I wanted a system I could weave through everything. My website, emails, podcasts and posts. StoryBrand does that”

– Nathan Barry, CEO of ConvertKit

How Do You Get The StoryBrand Online Course?

You simply need to take action. If the concept of doubling, tripling or even quadrupling your income is not causing you to hit the go button, let me sweeten the offer with a BONUS – access to the StoryBrand Experts Academy.

Available exclusively to owners of the StoryBrand Online Course, you’ll get complimentary bonuses like:

  • Access to the Words That Sell webinar

  • Alumni FAQ Videos

  • Online Brand Script

  • The Perfect Sales Letter

  • Use Your Brand Script To Turn A Profit

  • 5 Things Your Website Should Include

Plus a whole lot more…..

You’ll save tens of thousands of dollars


This is a limited time only bonus.

Grab your StoryBrand Online Course today and start growing the profitable business you deserve.

If you want to learn more about this course or want a StoryBrand guide to help you implement the StoryBrand to your business, schedule a call now. Contact James Hannan, a StoryBrand guide and the Founder of Results and Co.

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