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Is the StoryBrand Marketing Roadmap Course worth the investment?

That’s an interesting question. There are a lot of opinions out there about the StoryBrand Marketing Roadmap Course, many coming from reviewers who have never used the product.

Here’s my honest take on Donald Miller’s course for those who are sick of wasting money on marketing and desperately seek a step by step guide, a roadmap, on how to generate leads, close sales and make more money in their business.

What The StoryBrand Marketing Roadmap Course Offers

First up you will get very clear on what you need to have on your website to actually close sales. The main emphasis behind StoryBrand is to have a clear message for your customers to understand.

Once on your website you’ll need to entice your visitors to become prospects for your products or services which means getting their email address for additional communication. Having a valuable giveaway is essential and the course shows you how to create that.

Once you have somebody’s email address, you’ll want them to eagerly open each email you send. That’s not easy but the course reveals highly effective email opening techniques to get your emails read.

The language you use is important. If you are wanting to make sales, you’ll need to understand how to use copywriting in your communication. That’s a specialised skill, but it’s covered in this course.

In all, you’ll create six pieces of marketing collateral that will generate more leads that will lead to more sales.


It does require work and for some that might be a downside of this product.


The upside is worth the effort especially when you are given a step-by-step guide that will in the end the business you deserve.

You just need to get the course, create your marketing pieces and grow your business.

What’s REALLY Inside the StoryBrand Marketing Roadmap Course?

You’ll receive everything to create an effective sales funnel including:

23 videos that you can watch, stop, pause or go back to at any time.
View the material at your own pace. There are no time restraints. Once
bought, you own the course. 129 page workbook that ACTUALLY teaches you to write words that sell. You’ll be given copywriting formulas that will make your business
more sales. Email sequence templates are included that will not only get your
emails opened BUT read. Your customers will actually be waiting for your
next piece of communication all the while you’re building trust with them.
A sles letter template that will convert the biggest sceptic into a raving fan. You’ll discover the proven science to getting more paying customers.

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What’s The Benefit Of The StoryBrand Marketing Roadmap?

If you’re a business owner who has little idea of what marketing you should be doing, is constantly throwing bucket loads of hard earned cash or worse still borrowed money at ideas your mate told you about, then this marketing roadmap will:

save you time. You’ll get the direct route to making more sales.
save you money because you are receiving proven strategies that
work. No more guessing. teach you exactly how to generate leads, close sales and make more money with six pieces of high converting content.
put you in control of your business destiny – and that’s reassuring.

What’s The Downside With The StoryBrand Marketing Roadmap Course?

I did say I would give you an honest review.
Like all good products, there are downsides. Here’s a few that may apply for you.

it takes time to review all the material. Twenty three videos and a 129 page work book can’t be consumed in a single sitting. You will have to take time out of your day to review the content and then action it. My solution: I got up a little earlier each day and consume the course. I was surprised how much I got through between 5.30am – 7.00am without interruptions. it requires an investment of money. When funds are tight it’s natural to question whether this product will really ‘save’ you, take you to new heights and create a business you truly want and deserve. My solution: I said to myself enough is enough. I’m going to stop taking ‘freebie tips’ from well-meaning mates by adopting a new commitment that this product WILL work and that it will be my last investment.

StoryBrand gives you two options to buy this course. There is a onetime payment option or you can pay over three months.


Donald Miller and the team at StoryBrand give you a roadmap that will stop you wasting your hard earned money on marketing that doesn’t work.

You’ll create six marketing pieces that will eliminate confusion with your marketing message, attract the right customers who will buy your product or service which will make you more money. Isn’t that what you want?

The course is jammed packed with 23 videos and a 129 page workbook that can be viewed over and over again. The roadmap is the shortest route to getting a business you truly deserve.


you should only buy the course if you are prepared to put in the effort to complete the six pieces of marketing material (you will be getting the blueprint that will guide you every step of the way) and want more business income.

If this sounds like you, grab The StoryBrand Marketing Roadmap Course today. You’ll be presented with two affordable payment options


a 30 day 100% money back guarantee if thecourse is not for you. Now that couldn’t be fairer.

Start reaping the rewardsyou really deserve by having a better business today. Invest in your future here

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