Story Arc: Engage Your Customers With This Tested Technique

Story Arc

Have you tested all the marketing tricks you know, but none seem to work? Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to make a huge improvement and make your marketing successful? If your answer is yes, you should know about the story arc.  

What Does the Story Arc Have Anything to Do With Marketing?

If you haven’t worked with us before, reading the article What is a Storybrand Brandscript and Why Does Your Business Need One will help you better understand the story arc.

The brandscript is the tool that helps businesses and marketers create the Storybrand, a marketing technique that uses narrative or story. Brandscript comprises seven elements allowing you to connect with your customers and grab their interest.

But the brandscript alone is not enough. 

In the 1950s, advertising mostly used the Deficiency Model. They banked on the customers’ imperfections or what they didn’t have. This model only brought out the customers’ insecurities and made them feel bad about themselves. 

Now is the age of aspirational advertising. 

Instead of pointing out your customers’ imperfections and insecurities, why not bring out the best in them? Identify their potential or the best of what they can become. It will give value to your products if you do it right.

This identity transformation is the story arc

The story arc lies outside the brandscript to serve as a guide in creating a coherent and engaging narrative with a clear direction. It aims to shape the protagonist’s character throughout the story, like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. 


How to Identify the Best Identity Transformation for Your Customers

Because we refer to transformation, we need to identify the “from and to” of your customers’ identity. 

Identify your customers’ aspirational identity.

The aspirational identity refers to the identity your customers aspire to become. Do they want to become badass, confident, or rejuvenated? The aspirational identity is commonly the opposite of your customers’ identity before using your product. 

Figure out how you can incorporate this aspirational identity into your marketing.

Describe your customers before they use your product. Are they bored? Are they insecure or stressed?

After that, describe how your product can help transform your customers into becoming their aspirational identity. 

Once you know the story arc of your brandscript, you may now use it in your marketing campaigns, such as slogans and testimonials. 

One example was when Dr J.J. Peterson, the Head of Storybrand, helped his nieces develop the perfect slogan for their flower shop business. Dr Peterson asked his nieces these two questions:

  • How do they think the customers will feel after buying their flowers?
  • How do they describe their product?

His nieces said that the customers would feel happy and joyful, and they described their product as a flower in a jar. After testing some word combinations, they came up with the “joy in a jar” slogan that helped sell their flowers like pancakes.

Testimonials are another way to use the story arc in your marketing campaigns.

Ask your customers who they were or how they felt before using your product. Also, ask them who they have become or what they have felt after. You can use these testimonials to build credibility and authority in your marketing campaigns.

Knowing what a story arc is, you may now use it to get your customers’ attention without having to point out their imperfections and insecurities.

The story arc helps give direction in writing your brandscript or in marketing. It also makes your product and business more valuable and meaningful. You are not just doing business but also inspiring your customers to become who they want to be. 

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