5 Easy Steps on How to Set Up Google Analytics for the First Time

set up google analytics

Knowing how to set up Google Analytics can tremendously help improve your website’s visibility. Google Analytics itself doesn’t increase visits to your site, but it can measure the volume of people visiting and leaving. It is a tool to track the actions of your website’s visitors.

Say you are knowledgeable in SEO and the ways to boost your website’s visibility. But without Google Analytics, knowing the results of your progress will be difficult. Thus, learning how to use and start using it is vital.

Steps on How to Set Up Google Analytics

Do not worry about shelling out some money. What’s great about Google Analytics is it is free. What you need is a Gmail account to get started. Because of this, if you still don’t have a Google account, sign up for one; it is free.

1. Go to Google Analytics

If you already have a Google account, go to Click either the “Start for Free” or the “Sign in” button. If you do not have a Google account yet, clicking either of these buttons will direct you to a page, welcoming you to Analytics. 

2. Click the “Start Measuring” button. 

If it is your first time using Analytics, you will need to sign up even with a Google account. You will need to fill out your site’s details and data sharing settings.     

You may enter your organisation’s name in the “Account Name” field, as well as your website’s details. About the property name, you can put your website’s name in the field. Make sure to put in the correct information.    

Google analytics account set up

If you want to use Analytics for an e-commerce website, double-check the currency you use because Analytics will also keep track of your revenue conversions.    

Click the “Show Advanced Options.” Turn on the “Create a Universal Analytics property,” which is a part of the earlier version of Google Analytics. It is best to turn it on as it allows you to use both Google Analytics 4 and the Universal Analytics Property.   

After filling out the details, click “Create.”    

Create a universal analytics property

3. Agree to the terms of service.

You will be directed to the page containing your web stream details after you do it.

4. Connect Google Analytics 4 With Universal Analytics Property

Before copying and pasting a code to your website, it is crucial to connect Google Analytics 4 with Universal Analytics Property. By doing so, you will only have to copy one code to install to your website. Start by scrolling down to “Tagging Instructions.”  

Select “Use existing on-page tag,” the Google Analytics dropdown, and follow the instructions. 

Connect Google Analytics 4 With Universal Analytics Property

Here are the more detailed instructions for step 4:    

Duplicate the current window, which is what you are currently working on now. 

a min StoryBrand Guide | StoryBrand Websites

Close the “Web stream details.”

b min StoryBrand Guide | StoryBrand Websites

Click the dropdown at the top-left corner.

c min StoryBrand Guide | StoryBrand Websites

Select the property that starts with “UA-” and click “Open.”

d min StoryBrand Guide | StoryBrand WebsitesSelect “Admin” at the bottom-left corner.

e min StoryBrand Guide | StoryBrand Websites

Under the property, select the “Tracking Info” and “Tracking Code.”

f min StoryBrand Guide | StoryBrand Websites

Scroll down to see the “Connected Site Tags” and click it. 

g min StoryBrand Guide | StoryBrand Websites

Go back to the window you duplicated, and copy the Measurement ID.

h min StoryBrand Guide | StoryBrand Websites

Paste it in the other window in the “Enter ID of tag to connect” field. You can choose to give it a nickname or not.

i min StoryBrand Guide | StoryBrand Websites

Click “Connect.”

j min StoryBrand Guide | StoryBrand Websites

You may close the current window and go back to the window you duplicated. This time, you are ready to get the new code to install on your site. Select “Add new on-page tag.” 

k min StoryBrand Guide | StoryBrand Websites

Select the “Global Site Tag” and copy the code.

l min StoryBrand Guide | StoryBrand WebsitesAfter copying the code, go to your

website. If you are afraid of messing up the website, it is better to ask your web developer to paste this code for you on every page. 

However, if you are confident you can paste the code yourself, paste it before the closing “head” tag in HTML(), but it depends on the CMS you use.  

Check if you installed the code correctly by going back to Analytics. 

You should see data under “Reports” within a few minutes or 24 hours if you did it correctly. If you did not install it correctly, the platform would not receive any data. 

Google Analytics reports

If you have a problem installing the code or think the installation is not working, go to Google’s troubleshooting page. 

If you installed it correctly, you are good to go. You can now see the volume of your visitors on the site, allowing you to see the measured results of your SEO strategy.

Although Google Analytics and Google Console are tools, they are must-haves. They allow you to see if your strategy is working or not and show you which to improve.

Contact James Hannan, founder of Results and Co and a StoryBrand coach, if you have any questions. 

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