Narrative Transportation: How to Know What Your Customers Want

narrative transportation

Getting customers to experience narrative transportation is what every business wants. Businesses know that it is the key to getting the customers to listen. It gives a higher chance for your customers to perform the action you want them to do, such as subscribing or buying.

But What Is Narrative Transportation?

Recall your favourite movie, and remember how involved you were. Take note of your reactions, emotions, and attention. I bet there’s no way you’d like to be disturbed, and that movie made you feel different emotions. You felt like you were in the film, visualising yourself as the main character.

This experience is called narrative transportation

Research shows that the better the story is, the more involved you’ll be in it. It makes a story a medium that can change hearts and beliefs. That’s how powerful a good story is. 

The good news is you can use it in marketing. 

But to make it possible, you need to start by knowing what your customers want. It’s the only way you can get your customer to feel that they are the main character in the story. If your customers see themselves in it, that’s when they’ll experience narrative transportation. 

You don’t have to write a long story or the whole of your StoryBrand. A thing as simple as a Twitter post can make it possible. 

Tips to effectively identify what your customers want

Knowing what the customers want is commonly a part of customer profiling and research in traditional marketing. There’s nothing wrong with this, but doing it the StoryBrand way makes identifying what the customers want more straightforward and clear. Here is how to do it:

Keep it simple

In identifying what your customers want, there’s no need to be cute and clever. Clarity is most important. It can be as simple as “healthy, radiant skin” or “a greeting for loved ones.” It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Stick to one

Focusing on just one want of your customer will make your story clear and focused. You won’t bombard your customers with tons of information that will lose their interest. Stick to one primary want and work from there. 


You might argue that you have various products and services catering to people with different wants and needs. But if you dig deeper, you’ll realise a common denominator with what your customers want. For example, if you’re selling different kinds of cleaning products for wood, glasses, and fabrics, the possible common want of the customers is a clean home. 

After identifying the primary want of the customers, you may create the sub-wants, targeting the customers of a specific product line. 

You can use the primary want for your home page and create your story based on it. You can use a sub-want for the other page that introduces a particular product with a new story that focuses on it. 

In addition, you can also use customer feedback for research. It’s a great way to know the customers’ needs and wants. Moreover, it gives insight on how your product or service fares in the market. These are just some of the tips that you can use in identifying what your customers want. With these techniques combined with a good story, narrative transportation is very achievable.

In this digital world, the customers are bombarded with tons of information. Getting them to listen is a challenge. But you’ll have a good start if you get them to experience narrative transportation by involving your customers in your story. What better way to engage your customer in your StoryBrand than by being transparent and knowing what they want?

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