Marketing Made Simple By Donald Miller: A Great BMSU Course

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You’ve done many marketing campaigns to get your customers’ attention and even created catchy posters, brochures, websites, and other collateral to promote your products and services. But none of your target customers seems to care.

So, why does this happen?

The primary reason is that these collaterals only do a little in communicating your brand’s message. Cute and clever but unclear words only confuse your target customers and waste your money.

Try looking at Donald Miller’s Marketing Made Simple course on Business Made Simple University (BMSU) or read the book version to solve this problem. It offers an inexpensive and easy-to-create way to do marketing.

About Marketing Made Simple by Donald Miller

The Marketing Made Simple course focuses on creating an effective sales funnel.

Business and marketing professionals have different opinions on what comprises a sales funnel. But Marketing Made Simple’s version provides a more straightforward way to create a sales funnel.

This sales funnel contains a series of steps to build a solid and lasting relationship with the customers by gaining their trust. There are three stages to reaching the ideal relationship you want with your target customers. 

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3 Stages of Building a Relationship With a Customer

In a romantic relationship, you can’t just pop up in front of someone you like and ask that person to marry you. Most likely, that person will think you’re crazy, and you may get some not-so-kind words or even a slap in the face.

It’s the same in building a relationship with your customers. You can only ask your target customers to commit by buying or subscribing to you after a period of time. Although you won’t get a slap in the face, you’ll appear salesy and pushy, putting your target customers off.

Woo your customers by getting through the following stages:

  • Spark their curiosity
  • Enlighten them
  • Commit


In a romantic relationship, you spark the curiosity of the person you’re interested in by getting their attention. You doll up or groom yourself and wear perfume to smell irresistibly good. 

It’s almost the same in marketing. You don’t immediately ask your target customers to buy. You make them curious instead by letting them know you have something that can solve their problem.

For example, if your target customers’ problem is poor confidence due to hair loss, let them know you’re offering hair extensions. But you have to communicate it clearly, and you’ll learn how to later.   


The second stage is enlightenment. In personal relationships, this is when you prove your love to the other person. You go on dates and talk about your interests. 

In marketing, you enlighten your customers by giving them valuable information about your product or service. You educate them on how your offer can help them survive or thrive.

For example, you give free hairstyling tips to your customers to hide their hair loss or receding hair when they use your product. 


Commitment is the stage where lovers take their vows to be in a deeper relationship, like marriage.

But in marketing, this is the part where the customers are ready to put their skin in the game. They’ll commit by buying or subscribing to what you’re offering.

5 Parts of the Sales Funnel

According to Marketing Made Simple (Donald Miller), creating the following will help you get through the stages of building a relationship with customers:

  • One-liner
  • Website
  • Lead generator
  • Nurture campaigns
  • Sales campaigns

How to Spark Your Target Customers’ Curiosity


A one-liner is a memorable way to answer the question, “What do you do?”

It is different from a tagline, pitch or elevator statement. It is your message that can spark people’s curiosity, designed with these components:

  • Customer’s problem
  • Your product or service as a solution
  • Result

To learn more about it, read: “How to Write a StoryBrand One-Liner.”


Many websites don’t communicate their product or service clearly and only end up confusing people. 

To avoid this, make sure your website passes the Grunt test. Your header should answer the following questions:

1) What does this company do?

2) Why should I care?

3) How do I get started?

Like the one-liner, having a website also aims to spark your visitors’ curiosity. Read: What is the GRUNT TEST? A Lesson in StoryBrand Clarity to learn more about this Grunt test.

How to Enlighten Your Target Customers?

Lead generator

A one-liner and a website spark your target customers’ curiosity. To engage them, you need a lead generator.

A lead generator is a method of getting people to provide their contact information in exchange for something of value, like a free report, eBook, white paper, video, webinar, or coupon.

By providing their contact information, your target customers are permitting you to communicate with them again in the future. And this communication can help nurture the relationship you’ve started with them.

Nurture campaigns

Nurture campaigns are where you keep delivering value to customers and remind them that you exist.

They are a series of automated emails, typically sent out weekly, that provide valuable content to your customers, such as a link to a blog post, video, or podcast episode. It can also be a weekly announcement or quick tips.

The goal of a nurture campaign is to be your target customers’ top-of-mind when they are ready to buy.

How to Guide Your Target Customers to Commit?

Sales campaigns

Sales campaigns are a great way to close deals with your target customers. It is a set of emails that ease the customer into buying without being pushy.

Based on Donald Miller’s Marketing Made Simple course, sales campaigns have six different types:

  • Delivery of asset
  • Problem and solution
  • Testimonial
  • Overcome an objection
  • Paradigm shift
  • Sales letter

A sales campaign should include an urgency to prompt the customer into buying now. It can also create a sense of scarcity by making the offer available for a limited time only.

Final Thoughts

Marketing Made Simple by Donald Miller is an excellent book or BMSU course that can help business owners and entrepreneurs learn how to create a sales funnel and better market their products. It teaches a straightforward way of communicating with your target customers to build a solid and long-lasting relationship with them without being pushy or salesy.

Enrol at Business Made Simple University or buy the book to learn more about Marketing Made Simple.

But if you want us to set up your sales funnel for you, schedule a call now!

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