How to improve your Email Marketing Results using StoryBrand [VIDEO]

How to improve your Email Marketing Results using StoryBrand [VIDEO]

written by Team Results

Video Transcript

Most businesses struggle to get good results from their email marketing, or worse still they give up all together, and it doesn't have to be that way. And it all starts by asking the right questions before you put pen to paper. Most businesses will start off by asking themselves, "How can I convince my audience to buy this product or service?" Or they say, "How can I communicate a unique selling proposition in such a way that it engages our audience?" When instead the question should be, "How can I help my audience solve a problem?" Okay. The other question is, How can I deliver something that's valuable? What can I give them that is valuable to them? Not what I find valuable as a business owner, but what would my audience find truly valuable? So how can I help my audience solve a problem? What would they find interesting and valuable? And then of course there are subtle ways that you can ask for the sale throughout that email sequence or campaign. I'm not saying that we shouldn't ask for the sale, but we have to start with the right intent. So the key to great email marketing is position your customer as the hero and your brand is the guide and you will start to see results. Cheers, and bye for now.


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