How to Hire the Right StoryBrand Guide, 4 questions you need to ask yourself

How to Hire the Right StoryBrand Guide, 4 questions you need to ask yourself

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When it comes to running a business, there are tons of things you need to prioritize to attain your company’s objectives, including marketing. While it may be the least of your worries, it plays a significant role in driving sales, a return on investment (ROI), and establishing your brand as the thought leader. On the bright side, you can outsource your marketing tasks to an agency or freelancer as you concentrate on more pressing matters of the business.

Besides bringing a new perspective, an expert can help your company make startling changes that promote your brand’s position in the fierce market. However, the tricky part is choosing the right team to help you realize your marketing goals. The good news is we’ve highlighted some of the things you should consider when selecting the right expert for your business. But first, we need to understand the concept within this marketing framework.


What is StoryBrand?

Today, it’s pointless to just throw money into your marketing efforts and hope for a miracle. Yet the right team can set up your business on its path to success with a clear message, a website you love, and, most importantly ads that convert to leads.

Most simply, StoryBrand is a marketing framework that assists businesses to clarify their messages. This structure is designed for any company that is experiencing the following:

        Struggling to discover leads

        Can’t clearly describe what they offer

        Require a typical story to unite their staff

        Their marketing strategy doesn’t drive results

        Have a stale website

Unlike other marketing strategies, a StoryBrand certified guide emphasizes frameworks that prioritize your customers while addressing these pain points.


Things to consider when hiring a StoryBrand guide

        Do your research

It’s no secret that most agencies promise to give the stars and moon, only for them to deliver shoddy or substandard work. Thus, it’s advisable to take all their offerings with a grain of salt, from the testimonials on their websites to their services. Because it’s quite common for agencies to fabricate details and sell dreams to acquire more clients. Yet, you can conduct a thorough background check using Yelp or Google reviews to determine the truth about the firm’s services.

Moreover, if possible, review the case studies provided on their website to determine whether the agency is capable of driving results or not. Doing this is essential because you may come across a business that is similar to your own or answers to some of your questions. Nonetheless, if this information is not readily available on the firm’s website, consider reaching out and requesting them.

        Review the prices

Ever heard the phrase, you get what you pay for? Well, this also applies to agencies, among other consultants. Why would a well-established institution charge peculiarly low rates for top-notch services? If this is the case, it’s probably because they lack experience or their work sucks. On the other hand, other firms will charge an arm and a leg for the same services. Nonetheless, this is not an accurate indication of their abilities, as some may not be justified to charge these high rates in the first place.

        Focus on potential rather than merits

When it comes to choosing the best StoryBrand marketing guide, it's essential to pick one that is a perfect cultural fit for your organization. The aim here is to ensure that you hire a firm or individual that clearly communicates what your brand offers compellingly. Thus, the trick is to look for an agency that shares the same values as you or the company to prevent going down a rocky road later on.


Four questions you need to ask when hiring a StoryBrand guide

1.       Do they communicate their message clearly and understandably?

Sadly, today marketers spend vast amounts of money and time on activities that aren’t even converting leads or driving sales due to poor messaging. It would be pointless to create sleek marketing strategies and overlook how to position the brand in the market. This where the message comes in. In general, the story you convey about your brand should demonstrate the following.

        How does your brand benefit your customers or target market?

        What makes your brand better than others within the industry?

        Why does your brand matter?

A clear marketing message is a great, easy, and inexpensive way to improve customer engagement and drive business growth. Thus, an excellent guide will ensure your overall brand story is concise, transparent, and easily understandable.

2.       Can they write copy that sells?

Although creating a compelling marketing message is essential, it won’t add any benefits to your company unless it’s well-executed. This means you need a compelling sales copy – a story that motivates your target audience to act.

The lack of strong copywriting skills means it will be impossible to deliver results. Thus, all the calculated recommendations for email marketing campaigns, sales letters, facebook ads, blog posts, and website copy will be futile. Moreover, creating a clear message is just one piece of the puzzle. The rest consists of the ability to know what, when and how to communicate your message to inspire action.

3.       Do they have an effective marketing plan?

As already mentioned, marketing agencies or consultants tend to sell dreams. This means you may end up wasting a substantial amount of money on a strategy that looks good on paper, but it’s not executable.

It’s no secret that marketing consultants who drive results, work with a plan. Whether they implement it or help you do it, they’ll provide a clear outline that demonstrates the process from start to finish. Thus, if there’s no proven marketing plan that drives sales or a ROI, then chances are this is not the right agency for your brand.

4.       Do you really need to hire a guide or an expert?

Although outsourcing your business’ marketing activities seems like an excellent idea, there are instances when it’s not advisable. In these cases, working with a freelancer or in-house specialist is the best option. Here are a few tips to help you determine the best choice for your business.

a.       What is your budget?

When it comes to budget allocation, it’s essential to start small and only go big if this doesn’t get you the results you want. In this case, the least expensive option would be to do it yourself or hire a freelancer. Choosing this alternative helps you determine if your marketing strategies can actually be implemented with less or not. Thus, when all these options fail, you can consider an in-house specialist, who’ll guarantee that you get the services you pay for. Nonetheless, all these options come with advantages and disadvantages. For instance,

        Working with a single individual promotes creating a strong bond. Thus, they can acquire a deep understanding of the business, the goals, and also you as a person. This ensures they effectively capture your voice and deliver results that you want. However, this approach is limited to one perspective, the individuals alone.

        On the other hand, if you work with an agency, you have an entire team of experts to design, develop, and implement your marketing mix. Moreover, you get a reliable in-house support to ensure the overall plan is top-notch from start to finish.

b.       Are you achieving your marketing goals?

All successful businesses have a set of goals that they’re working towards. To achieve these objectives, each employee is assigned a particular task that contributes to the overall mission of the company. Thus it’s quite easy to prioritize some tasks and overlook others. Yet, if you hire a storybrand certified team or an individual to oversee all your marketing activities, then you’ll be able to realize your goals. Moreover, this ensures that the business’ growth and sales are not stagnant.


Simply hiring the right StoryBrand marketing guide sets your business up for success because they develop an actionable plan that highlights and addresses your brand’s needs.  Besides that, these experts play an integral role in improving the marketing efforts of any organization in the following ways.

        Craft a clear message by combining the power of storytelling and brain science to compel the target audience to perform the desired action.

        Certified guides help you uncover essential information that helps your business attain a marketing edge. They ensure you know what drives your target market, how to prioritize them, and determine how to help them while avoiding the trial-and-error marketing approach.

        Maximizes efforts and saves time. In today’s contemporary society, time is money. Thus, a marketing expert uses a streamlined and strategic plan that ultimately saves you time and money.

        The right marketing guide guarantees a return on investment by implementing proven techniques that increase sales as well as conversions.

Marketing is rapidly changing, and promoting your brand isn’t enough to generate leads or drive sales anymore. A StoryBrand framework expert will help your business resonate with its target audience and drive ROI in the process. Although hiring an expert, who’s the right fit for your organization, may be challenging, applying the tips listed here ensures you’re on the right track.



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