How Do I Write a StoryBrand BrandScript in 5 Simple Ways

StoryBrand BrandScript

Most businesses are wasting money on marketing! We help businesses build a compelling brand story, build websites that work, and develop campaigns that deliver leads. Clients who work with us improve their marketing results and build strong brands.

Knowing what a StoryBrand BrandScript is can help improve your campaigns.

How hopeless it seems to make an ad campaign stand out among the other millions of ads? It’s like there’s no way for customers to notice the fruits of your hard work.

If you don’t settle on your previous practices, you’ll realize there’s still a chance for your campaigns to be heard and recognized.

What you need is to learn how to write a StoryBrand BrandScript effectively.

How to Write a StoryBrand BrandScript?

If you want to write a StoryBrand BrandScript, learn that it consists of a 7-part framework that follows the flow of storytelling applied in brand communication. It has the following elements:

  • Main character
  • Problem
  • Guide
  • Plan
  • Call to action
  • Failure
  • Success

Main Character

When you write a StoryBrand brandscript, always remember that the main character is always your customers. It’s never you. The main objective is to invite the customers into the story and figure out their wants.

Let’s set Amazon Prime Japan’s “Lion-Dog” commercial as an example.

The main character here is the father, who is a dog lover. He wants his fur baby and his daughter to get along with each other.


The problem refers to the obstacles stopping or slowing your customers from getting what they want.  It is the hook, the reason the customers will listen to you. In the “Lion-Dog” commercial, the baby is scared of the dog. It can’t approach and bond with the family because of this problem.


The guide is where the brand or product comes in. Remember that empathy and authority are the most important traits the guide must have when your write a StoryBrand brandscript.

Amazon Prime Japan is the guide in the commercial. It connects with the audience by pulling their heartstrings.

Amazon Prime understands the pain a fur father feels when his fur baby feels unwelcome. The camera captures how sad and defeated the dog’s face looks when the baby cries because she is scared. It also shows how this situation makes the father unhappy.


The guide consists of small steps, letting your customers know how easy it is to work with you.

This part is essential because customers always have doubts about taking action. With a plan, you’ll rid of these doubts away.

Introducing the plush lion toy to the baby and seeing how the baby likes the plush toy are the plans in this commercial. These events give the father an idea of what to do.

Call to Action

The call to action challenges the customers to act. The guide should be bold to tell the main character what to do.

It is where the customers have to put some skin in the game to get what they want.

The commercial’s call to action is where the father orders a lion mane from Amazon Prime for the dog. The father put some skin in the game by spending some money to get a valuable product.


Failure is the outcome you and your customers are trying to avoid throughout the process. It is the motivation that pushes the main character to succeed.

If the father fails to get a lion mane for his dog, the daughter will always feel scared whenever the dog tries to approach her.

The dog will feel unwelcome and depressed as a result. It is the ending that the main character and the guide don’t want to happen.


The successful outcome is where you want your customers to envision how their lives have changed after going through this entire process. It is where the customers imagine themselves finally getting what they want and becoming the person they want to be.

The commercial features the dog wearing the lion mane wig. The baby is not scared at all when the dog approaches her. The baby touches the dog’s face, indicating they are finally getting along.

StoryBrand BrandScript

5 Pointers on How to Write a StoryBrand BrandScript

Here are some pointers on how to write a StoryBrand brandScript effectively:

  • Write your story long-term.
  • Grab your audience’s attention.
  • Don’t tell, demonstrate.
  • Create an effective story.
  • Be consistent and real.

Write Your Story Long-term

You aim to build a relationship with your audience. You want your audience to come back to you again and again.

A story that lasts for a long time creates excitement. Your audience won’t have any other choice but demand more.

Write the story in an instalment or end it with a cliffhanger to make it long-term.

Grab Your Audience’s Attention

If you want to write a StoryBrand brandscript, getting the audience’s attention is an important skill to learn. Your story will only make sense if you can get your target audience to notice your campaigns.

There are three ways to create a catchy campaign.

First, know their motivations, likes, and dislikes. Second, adapt your word choice and tone based on what your customers can understand. Third, mould your brand’s personality, voice, and style based on your target audience.

After getting their attention, maintain it by connecting to them at the emotional level.

Don’t Tell, Demonstrate

Don’t just tell your audience how fantastic your brand is. They won’t listen.

Customers nowadays are smart to know that all brands claim to be the best.

If you want to stand out, show rather than tell. Build a connection by proving you have what it takes to help your customers get what they want.

Create an Effective Story

What you want is to get more traffic on your website or increase your sales. Creating a story with almost perfect grammar and structure can help your credibility.  If you can evoke the audience’s emotions with your campaign, it will be a huge plus.

Be Consistent and Real

People love what’s real.

Even though the StoryBrand framework focuses on the customers, nothing’s wrong when you speak about your brand’s mission and passion. Just do it the right way. Focus on meeting the customers’ needs and introduce yourself as their guide.

When you write a StoryBrand brandscript, the goal is to connect with your audience by letting them know you can feel their struggles. One way to do it is to tell your brand’s previous hardships that are almost the same with your customers.

Be consistent with what you tell your audience. If you make a promise, keep it. Customers’ trust is hard to build once you break it.

If you’re inconsistent, your campaigns might confuse the customers, causing them to ignore you.

Knowing how to write a StoryBrand BrandScript can help your business a lot. But if you try to do it on your own, you might find yourself getting nowhere. There are some areas where you need an expert’s advice.

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Most businesses are wasting money on marketing! We help businesses build a compelling brand story, build websites that work, and develop campaigns that deliver leads. Clients who work with us improve their marketing results and build strong brands.

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