Creating Your StoryBrand Buyer Persona Template
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How to create a StoryBrand Buyer Persona Template

You’re about to save yourself a lot of time and a tonne of money by creating your StoryBrand Buyer Persona especially when you link it to your StoryBrand Brandscript and marketing. Grab your copy of our StoryBrand Buyer Personal Template we’ve made for you.


Most business owners and network marketers make the mistake of starting their advertising and marketing. They build cool landing pages, beautiful email campaigns and place ads everywhere but they fail.


You see they haven’t taken the time to work on their StoryBrand customer avatar or StoryBrand buyer persona. This means they really don’t have any clue about their customer, their likes, interests, goals, needs, problems….let’s face it, they know nothing. Their ads were doomed to failure before they even started.


To be open with you, I’m pretty impressed that you’ve taken the time out to research and then create one or more.


If you’re new to a buyer persona than make sure you read our other articles and watch the videos we’ve put together to help you.

It’s time to learn how to use the StoryBrand Buyer Persona Template

You want to start marketing. You have money burning a hole in your pocket but you don’t know where to start, you’ve heard about a buyer persona but you’re not sure how to create one.


That’s ok, by the end of this article and the accompanying StoryBrand Buyer Persona Template you will know precisely how to create one. Your StoryBrand BrandScript will be better, your marketing will be better, your ads will be better and so will your social media.


First remember you will more than likely have more than one customer persona. For one of our businesses we have around 10, depending on the product we are marketing.


Let’s begin using your customer persona template:


At the moment as you work on your persona, please remember this person is fictional. They don’t exist, at the start you’re going to make some educated guesses. That’s ok.


However do yourself a favour and have some fun. Get on the phone and call some of your clients and ask them questions. Spend some time with them and they are going to give you GOLD. Seriously, they will hand over nuggets of gold to you.

Let’s get to know them a little bit. Please remember this customer persona is fictional, they don’t exist and it is your best guess at knowing your customer for the time being.


Hey if you’re feeling a little weird putting this together, I want you to know, you’re not alone. The first time I did it I was laughing under my breathing thinking this was crazy. But now I do them all the time and wouldn’t do a marketing campaign without one.


So let’s just do it and get it done. You will be glad you did and the longer you’re in business the more you will do and the less lamer it will be.


Start with their gender (sex) and now let’s name them. Yes give them a real name.


You will want to know their age and whether they still have dependants at home.


Fill in the rest of the details.


Spiritual Beliefs I know may be an interesting one for you to answer. But don’t gloss over it. This will help you understand your customer in a deeper way and help you with verbiage, ads and how to approach them. Especially if you are targeting a specific market like the Christian market or new age etc.

Again depending on your marketing will determine when you will use this. Of course if you are marketing a supplement or exercise program, this will be incredibly important and you may want to add more to it.


The weight is an interesting one though, this tells you are a lot and should help you get into the head of your customers and how they are feeling and also how they are handling stress.

If you know where they hang out, what they do for fun then you can speak to that “aspirational identity” and help them see themselves doing more of that.


If they love to hang out in cafes with friends, then you want to use images of exactly that in your social media and more.

Hopes Dreams Desires

This is where you go a little deeper in the psyche of your customer persona.

What makes them exited, what are they hoping to do one day.

Why are these things important to them.

If you want someone to take action, show them the life they can have by doing business with you.

Also show them the life they will have it they don’t… Think about it. You job in marketing is to help them transform. They don’t want change, they want transformation as Storybrand CEO Donald Miller says.

They don’t want to stay in the same life they have, they want a new life.

When you know where your customer is, you can be there too. Marketing is really just a series of repeating the same messages over and over.


The thing is, if you are not saying those messages in the places where your client is, then they’re not hearing and they’re not buying.


However when you are marketing and advertising in the places that your customer is hanging out then you start to see a real transformation in your own advertising results.

You want your client to say “They get me”. As a Storybrand Guide and in marketing now for over 20 years one of the biggest things my clients say is “you get me”.


I do my best to truly understand what my client is working towards and you want to do the same.


When your client “feels” that you “get them”, they will not look at anyone else. In their mind, they will see they’ve found a kindred spirit and no one else matters.

When we are doing a storybrand brandscript with a client, we say over and over again “If you’re not talking about your clients problems, they’re not listening”.


Too many times business owners and network marketers want to talk about their product and the features or they want to tell everyone how good their business is and that they’ve been around for 30 years.


They don’t realise that their potential client is yawning and board. They’ve tuned out and they’re looking for someone else.


The only time your client is listening to you is when you’re talking about their problem.


Everyone wants to tell you that your clients are your friends, 99% of the time, that’s not true. Most of the time the only reason they’re doing business with you is because you are able to meet their need.


Stop thinking of them as your friend and realise you’re there to fix their problem.


If you can do that, they will buy from you.


This is why downloading your buyer persona template is so important and getting your customer avatar right will change everything.

These are the objections that your customer could have with doing business with you.


You want to use this as an opportunity to “Attack and Confess”.


Rather than waiting for them to come back to you with the objections they have, put those objections in your marketing, advertising and proposals.


This way you are removing their objection before it becomes a problem.


So to recap when creating and using your StoryBrand buyer persona template


1. Demographic

2. Physical

3. Where do they hang out

4. Hopes Dreams & Desires

5. Mental

6. Goals & Values

7. Problems & Pain Points

8. Possible Objections


Seriously download the StoryBrand Buyer Personal Template now, you will love it.


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