Business Made Simple by Donald Miller: Transform Your Career in 2 Easy Ways

Business Made Simple by Donald Miller Transform Your Career in 2 Easy Ways

Business Made Simple by Donald Miller makes learning easier and more accessible to everyone. If you never attended college or university or didn’t do well academically, don’t doubt your potential. You still have a chance to succeed in your career.

What you need isn’t a college degree but a quality education. Business Made Simple offers the best business education you can get. It contains life-changing courses, not just empty promises and useless information.

What Is Business Made Simple by Donald Miller?

I know how hard it is to grow a business or thrive in a career if you don’t know how to do it.

Donald Miller, a famous writer and entrepreneur, saw this problem. Miller has helped more than 3,000 businesses and founded an online educational platform for people like you.

Business Made Simple by Donald Miller has courses that equip you for running a business or improving your career.

What makes Business Made Simple by Donald Miller different from the others is it contains no useless info. Everything you’ll learn is valuable. You’ll learn about practical leadership, marketing, communication, and more.

Learning on Business Made Simple is easy. You can either watch the video courses or read the book.

Business Made Simple University

If you prefer studying online, you’ll love Business Made Simple University. It consists of video courses, containing helpful information that can transform your career.

As of writing, it offers eight video courses that talk about the different aspects of business and leadership.

Business Made Simple

Business Made Simple Online Courses

Hero on a Mission

This course helps you find your life’s meaning and direction. It teaches you how to make a life plan and use a daily planner to improve your focus.

Negotiation Made Simple

No matter who you are or your status in life, you always try to achieve a want or goal through negotiation. Therefore, it’s a needed skill to hone.

Negotiation Made Simple trains you to negotiate in all areas of your life, aiming for a win-win outcome.

Proposals Made Simple

Delivering a value that’s different from your proposal is a primary reason most companies lose revenue. This course teaches how to create a proposal that can get you more deals and improve your conversion rate.

Marketing Made Simple

Most business owners shell out their money in marketing more than they realize. They don’t know that there’s an easier way to do it without spending a lot.

In this course, you’ll learn how to make a 5-part sales funnel. Business Made Simple by Donald Miller designed this sales funnel to help increase your revenue.

Communication Made Simple

There are billions of businesses around the world, and the number is still growing. All companies have messages to tell their target customers. But the problem is, most customers ignore these messages.

Business Made Simple by Donald Miller offers the Communication Made Simple course that teaches you how to tell your message clearly so that customers will listen to you. You’ll learn the framework that clarifies the message and the playbook that executes the framework.

StoryBrand Messaging Framework

Confusion is the barrier that clouds a message to the customers.

The StoryBrand Messaging Framework course aims to teach you how to get rid of this barrier using a BrandScript so customers will listen and buy from you.

Mission Statement Made Simple

Having unmotivated employees is a significant workplace issue. Developing an inspiring mission statement is a way to build their enthusiasm towards their work.

Business Made Simple by Donald Miller created this course so that you’ll know how to write a mission statement that will excite your team to wake up in the morning for work.

Enneagram Made Simple

Workplace drama should be the least of your concern. It negatively affects your work and emotionally drains everyone involved. The worst part, it diverts your focus away from your essential tasks.

Business Made Simple by Donald Miller has this Enneagram Made Simple course. You’ll learn how to create a culture that improves your team’s self-awareness. You’ll also learn how to understand yourself and other people better.

Business Made Simple Book

Business Made Simple by Donald Miller offers a book with all the info you need to thrive in your career. Buy the “Business Made Simple: 60 Days to Master Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Execution, Management, Personal Productivity, and More” book. You’ll get the daily videos for free.

You’ll learn all the vital tips in different business areas in at least 60 days.

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11 Focus Areas of the Business Made Simple Book and Daily Videos


Business Made Simple by Donald Miller regards the importance of character in business and career success.

For this reason, building the character is the focus of the first 10 days of this lesson. It discusses the characteristics a value-driven professional should have.


The discussion about leadership starts on Day 11. Learn about the tools and framework that are useful in a workplace or business leadership.


Day 16 of the Business Made Simple book and daily videos focus on Productivity. You’ll know how to prioritize, remove distractions, and get more done.

Business Strategy

Business Strategy is on Day 21 of the book. Learn how business works. It is a vital lesson because when you work in a company, you’re not just a team player but also a co-strategist.


Business Made Simple by Donald Miller places high importance on giving a clear message to customers.

Day 27 starts the discussion about Messaging. The techniques you’ll learn will help you deliver a clear message that will engage your customers.


Discussion about Marketing starts on Day 32. The lesson teaches you how to apply what you’ve learned on Messaging to a marketing campaign, such as the sales funnel.


Effective communication is the topic from Day 37 to Day 41. Learn how to create a killer speech, presentation, and more, written or verbal.


The discussion on Sales starts on Day 42. Find out what makes selling easy and how to create a sales system.


Negotiation is a part of life but more noticeable in a workplace or business. Starting on Day 47, you’ll learn how to become a better negotiator by learning the different types of negotiations and the process of properly doing it.


Starting from Day 51 to Day 55, you’ll learn the correct way to manage people, so your team will succeed as a whole.


Day 56 to Day 60 of the book focuses on Execution. It discusses the system that will encourage your team to get things done.

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Degree holder or not, you have a chance to succeed. Business Made Simple by Donald Miller makes learning easier and more accessible to everyone. By studying the courses or reading the book, you’ll have what it takes to thrive in your career, whether you’re a business owner or an employee.

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